Peter Staroverov
Peter Staroverov
Program in Linguistics
Department of English
Wayne State University
5057 Woodward Ave, Ste 10303.1
Detroit, Michigan 48202

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I am an Assistant Professor of Linguistics in the Department of English at Wayne State University.
I specialize in phonology, informed by fieldwork and laboratory methods.

Some news:
An overview of my work, organized by topic:
  • Fieldwork on Buriat: I work on the dorsal-zero alternations and on the phonetics of vowels. Here is a recent paper on the former topic (accepted, Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics).
  • Consonant epenthesis: here is a paper on [j]-insertion and on other strategies for providing an onset in Washo (Open Linguistics, 2016). See also my 2014 dissertation [abstract, full pdf].
  • Fieldwork on Tundra Nenets (with Darya Kavitskaya): we document and analyze several interesting opaque interactions. Here is a recent paper in The Linguistic Review, and an earlier paper in Phonology.
  • Phonology-Morphology interface (with Ludger Paschen): we analyze verb root mutations in Sye, deriving some implications for feature geometry. Here is our recent paper (in NELS 2015 proceedings).
  • Acoustic study of Russian sonority-reversing clusters A short version appeared in NELS proceedings [pdf], a longer version was my second qualifying paper at Rutgers University [pdf].
  • Too-many-solutions and reference to position in harmonic serialism [WCCFL paper] [PLC paper].